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About Us

Online Akura is one of the most trusted online education websites in Sri Lanka with a vision of Transform lives through education.

We are working as a team fill the gap between technology and education to nurture and improve the lives of students through online education.

We believe that the Akura website is the most trusted platform for financial education, especially with a more credible lecturing body across a number of professional dignitaries from university lecturers, chartered accountants, and experts in various fields, with the aim of bringing online education closer to children. We believe that we have the potential to make the biggest difference in education in Sri Lanka and in the world, not only in the financial sector but also as the most trusted websites that provide the best for children, especially with our vision of transforming lives through education.

Our Vision

Transform lives through education

Our Mission

Inspire the learning partners for continuous learning ensuring the most reliable virtual platforms and resources connected with the global standards to become global professionals

Our Process

Our process that drives results year by year.


Completely Online

professional learners, training and other areas. Our broad range of experience means we are with you every step of your learning journey.


Interactive classrooms

Online Akura programs are designed to help you improve as fast as possible and reach your goals, whether you need to learn for your job, for your school, or just for yourself.


Live atmosphere

Online Akura makes sure that students have the best possible experience while at home. One on one support through orientations, counseling, and fun activities via online.

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